Myrissa Garber is a Lifestyle Influencer who loves western fashion, rodeos, wine, and affordable clothing. 

She is from the state of Iowa and attended college at Indian Hills. After college, she started her dream job working as a Content Creator for a local boutique.


As a Content Creator, she also got into a little bit of modeling for them. She enjoyed that so much that she started taking on Brand Repping gigs and Brand Partnerships. 


In her spare time, she loves traveling, attending rodeos, hanging out with her friends, and working on her house doing DIY projects. 

You'll rarely find her just sitting at home because she enjoys adventures way too much. 

Myrissa is available for collaboration on the following projects:

  • Ambassadorship

  • Sponsored blogs, Tik Toks, & Social Media Posts

  • Photo & Video Shoots

  • Other projects that will help tell your story to my engaged audience.


All content created will be promoted with at least one Instagram Story, Single Post, or gallery. Rates will vary depending on the scope of work, usage, and exclusivity - but please reach out to me with all budget levels and we can figure something out.

Contact me at


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