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15 Facts You Maybe Didn't Know About Me!

How about a blog post that is a little different!? Reaching out to so many new people during this journey has me feeling blessed and it also means that not everyone may know me — so I have created this post to throw out 15 random facts about me to get a little closer with you all ... and sometimes it can get really interesting to read!

So let’s get started… 

1. I am a quote junkie. Lyrics, inspirational quotes, devotionals… anything that speaks to me, I LOVE!

2. I can’t be the last person to fall asleep ANYWHERE — or else I am awake all night and maybe can go to bed at like 4 in the morning. Any small noise I hear, I freak out. So, my boyfriend knows that he can’t go to sleep until I do. 

3. I am not a very good cook (and quite honestly don’t enjoy cooking). Nick is definitely the better cook in our relationship.

4. I do love to clean though. I clean when I am happy, bored, angry, or upset. Cleaning is my go-to and I blame my mother for this one. Guess it's not such a bad thing.

5. My Mom lives in Iowa and my Dad lives in Tennessee. They are both remarried so I now have bonus parents (and siblings!) Greatest blessings yet! 

6. I dislike watching movies. Talk about BORINGGGGG... Let’s go do something else. Anything else. Please!!!

7. My first ever job was working at an Ice Cream Shop.  Montezuma Dairy King is where it's at. My favorite thing to order for food is their DK Burgers & my ice cream of choice is a baby vanilla dish with cone crunch. YUM!

8. I cried at my very first Kelsea Ballerini concert I went to… and no I wasn’t 10 years old... I was, umm.. 17 years old. #HugeKelseaFan 

9. I hate flying, I prefer driving everywhere. Well, riding I guess you can call it, as I don't really enjoy driving either. Hehe!

10. My brother broke my hip when I was younger (so now I guess I look funny when I run…)

11. I took my senior pictures with Jack Link’s Beef Jerky and asked Sasquatch to go to prom with me over Twitter… They replied AND sent me free products and challenges for a year. My life was complete after this moment. (Pictures to show down below - )

12. I’m practically addicted to Casey’s fountain Mountain Dew and candy. I can't function without it.

 13. I have 3 tattoos. (One we don’t need to even speak of…) 

14. My biggest pet peeve is the “gulping” sound people make when they swallow. #Yuck 

I know you sometimes can't help it, but it makes me cringe.

15. I sing and dance by myself. This is probably my favorite thing to do when I am home alone (or even when I am not home alone) I am not afraid to dance anywhere. You can always count on me to dance with you whenever and wherever. Also, my favorite karaoke song is "Here For the Party" by Gretchen Wilson. 

So now that you know a little more about me… what is a fun fact about you that maybe not all your friends/family know yet!? 

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