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Be Uniquely You

I want to start this off by saying, QUIT COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS.

- Quit comparing yourself to the girl on Instagram with the “perfect life”.

- Quit comparing yourself to your boyfriend's ex.

- Quit comparing yourself to your siblings.

- Quit comparing yourself to that other Mom.

- Quit comparing yourself to that classmate with better grades.

The list goes on and on and on… but please just QUIT. You are uniquely you for a reason, so why are you comparing yourself to others?

A frequently asked question I get in my direct messages refers to my confidence level. Some ask, “How are you so confident?” “How do I be more confident?”. All I can say when I receive those messages is to ultimately just be yourself. Easier than said, right?

But the first key to confidence is quitting the comparison game.

Comparison robs us of joy. Being content is such a struggle these days because we always want more. We want what others have and we are never satisfied with who we are & where we are. I am just as guilty of this as you may be.

But, with a lot of time, thinking, praying, and wishing. I have done a lot of growing.

Instead of the jealousy and the comparison, I fill those pieces with gratitude. I genuinely became happy internally when I see others start to succeed…Truly, I get excited seeing people strive in life and make something out of their dreams and goals. That’s when I knew I grew — grew up for the better. (& trust me, this didn’t happen overnight.)

Have you ever listened to the song “homecoming queen” by Kelsea Ballerini? Essentially the storyline about it is that even when someone’s life may seem perfect, they could also be going through something we may not see because they hide it with what people THINK they know about them. So, just because it seems perfect — that’s not always the case.

And that is also why if you are someone who is trying to put a front up. You don’t have to… For the people who truly care about you, they want to see everything true and real about you. So show that side as well. Stronger connections can be made & absolutely no one’s life is perfect.

I don’t write these to make myself look like some amazing person who is just growing through stuff, but I share these articles with you so you know that you are not alone. I created this blog to share my personal stories, beliefs, and encounters with you — so what you see is out of complete honesty. Many times, I receive messages saying that they just want to be like me & I’ll admit, while this compliment can be refreshing at times I often ask “Why!?” Why do they want to be like me? Why don’t they love who they are!?”

I am far, FAR from perfect. Anyone who asks, I’ll be up and honest with them. Because I don’t want that “perfect life” title hanging above my head because wow — that is far from the truth. It doesn’t exist so why make it look like that. I want to be real, I want to see others be real, and I want to be comfortable with being real. It can be a struggle, but it is also an amazing feeling when you can be 100% YOU with people. That is how I found my true friends, fans, and followers.

So please, if you could take one thing away from this whole post; it would be to start being yourself, be proud of yourself, and where you are... Stop wishing you had what someone else has and be thankful for what you have because nothing is worse than jealousy and comparison in this world and we need to understand that. While at times this may still creep in on us and happen, just try hard to not judge, not to compare, and be happy for the strengths of others.

Accept your uniqueness. Think of the things & skills you are good at. God created us to be different, because if we weren’t — life would be so boring.

And lastly always remember, “not everything pretty sparkles & shines, even the homecoming queen cries.” - Kelsea Ballerini.

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