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Bedroom On A Budget

{In this post there will be some commissionable links to the products I discuss. If you shop through these links, a small percentage goes to me at no extra cost to you! How awesome is that!?) 

Moving into a new house has expenses that you may not have thought about ahead of time… Like for instance, the cost of filling up your new home with furniture and other objects. 

I had a vision of what I wanted our Master Bedroom to look like - but knew that if I didn’t do it the right way it was going to be costly. In this post, I am going to share some tips on how to get that “Pinterest look” on a new homeowner budget. 

Starting off with the main attraction, the bed. Nick & I had a Full-size bed, and we wanted a King size bed. (Talk about an upgrade.) We looked at mattress stores but they were just too expensive and we could not justify spending that much on a bed at the time. So, we did our research and we found our (now) bed on Amazon (for less than $420) as well as our box spring frame (for less than $200). Not only is that an amazing deal, but it was delivered to our front door in a box rolled up in less than a week with #AmazonPrime. Easy set up, and we were able to carry it up the stairs by ourselves! #EasyInstallment

(Still in search of a large area rug to go under the bed - send me ideas if you know of some good ones!)

Links for Amazon King Size Bed & Box Spring: (Mattress) (Box Spring)

As for the bedding, Pinterest was my biggest inspiration to help me get the look I was going for. I had purchased our Down Feather Alternative Comforter from JCPenny’s during a 50% off sale. (Tip: They ALWAYS have deals going on, so wait to purchase when there is a discount that way you can save more!) 

The sheets I ordered off of Amazon as well as the throw blankets for bedroom decor. I styled the throw blankets at the end of the bed to give it the more “expensive & full” look but for cheap. The rust-colored throw pillows are from Marshall’s but Amazon has some adorable pillow covers as well! 

Links for King Size Comforter, Throw Blankets, Pillow Cases & Curtains: (Comforter) (Tan Throw Blanket) (Black Throw Blanket) (King Size Pillow Covers) (Sheer White Curtains)

Now let’s talk about the MASSIVE King Size BedFrame. One word - MARKETPLACE. Facebook Marketplace is a new homeowner's best friend. We found this bed-frame off of there for so cheap and we just painted it to the black finish that we wanted. Saved us SO much money rather than buying it from a furniture store. Refurbish anything and everything that you can.



Last, but not least (because I believe this is what tied it all together) is our accent wall. We just painted the entire room white for that bright light finish and used the side of a Magic Eraser sponge to get this design. The only time-consuming part was taping up the lines to keep it even all throughout. All this took was black interior paint from Walmart, painters tape, a level, and a magic eraser sponge. 

Here are some before pictures of our Master Bedroom:

to now...

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