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Candy Apple Recipe

Hey y'all! If you know me well, you know I can't cook worth a darn - but I sure do love to try (sometimes, mainly I just make Mac N Cheese...)

But, I did find a great Fall Candy Apple Recipe on Tik Tok (YES TIK TOK!) that I wanted to share with you! (Thank you @marleysrose for the recipe and instructions)


8-10 Apples

3 Cups White Sugar

1/2 Cup Light Corn Syrup

1 Cup Water

1 TSP Red Gel Food Coloring


Candy Thermometer


Parchment Paper

Sauce Pan


If you do not want to make 8-10 apples, simply just cut the ingredients in half to make a smaller batch!


Wash apples and dry them thoroughly. Put sticks inside each apple and place apples on a pan lined in parchment paper.

In a sauce pan combine sugar, corn syrup. and water. Heat until it reaches a temperature of 300 degrees with your Candy Thermometer.

Remove from heat and add your food coloring. Roll each apple in mixture and place back on parchment paper.

Allow to cool & then enjoy! #HappyFall #Fallreciples #CandyApples

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