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Coffee, Career, & Choices - CHECK!

We drink a lot of coffee, choose positivity, and create good content while we’re at it.

As said in my very first blog, I wanted to tell you guys exactly what it is that I do for my Career. I get the question a lot, “What do you do at your job?” Most people just think I drink coffee and take selfies all day, and while some of that MAY be true - there is much more to it than just that.

My official title is a Content Creator for The Pulse Boutique. (If you are a Teen Girl, College Student or Mom reading this, I highly suggest going and checking it out) They have the cutest, AND comfiest clothes EVER. @thepulseboutique (Instagram & Facebook)

But, anyways… back to my job title. Content Creator is one who typically posts content for social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, the website… etc. (There are SO many social media sites it’s CRAZY).

Aside from that, I am also a model for the boutique whenever they need a quick selfie in a outfit or a product and some of you may have seen my comment sold videos! Super fun short clips with amazing deals! Another fun and different job I have been given the chance to learn about is flat-lay imagery! These are so fun and they give me a chance to express some of my creativity throughout them.

Working at this new job has taught me so much. I have learned more things working here than I have anywhere else. I have been given the opportunity to travel already, learn more about social media & marketing, and learn the importance of good lighting in a photo.

Not only that, but the people I work with are so amazing and inspiring. We are mostly all a girl gang (+ one male) and we thrive off of each other in there! My absolute FAVORITE part about this job, is how important snacking is to them. If you already know me, you know snacks & candy are my life… and they are the same way! There are always some goodies in the office for us to munch on when we need a little pick-me-up!!!

I truly believe it is so important to love the place you work, as I have already discussed in my first blog post. Why? Because you see these people the most. Working 8 hour days, five days a week… you want to make sure you enjoy the presence of your coworkers and the work you are putting your all at.

This leads me to Day 3 in my “Above All Else” devotional book by Chelsea Crockett. It is entitled “God’s Great Love for Us” and essentially what it is saying is how important it is to surround yourself with people who influence you and challenge you. So I am going to ask you what she had asked me - Are you making a conscious effort to be in places and around people that influence you in a godly way? Let that sink in a little and definitely make it a challenge to better yourself and who you choose to be around.

Now this goes for friend groups, work, school, and so much more. Choose wisel

y who you surround yourself with, because that is the energy you will give off to others.

Xoxo, Myrissa

This photo was taken in Florida during one of our Lifestyle photoshoots! We went there to model clothes for our Spring Dreaming Collection that went live during the first week in February. We stayed in a Airbnb that was a literal mansion - and this pool was in our backyard! A truly amazing experience that I am so blessed to have been asked to go on ♡

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