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Going Crazy?! Quarantine Must Do’s For Yourself, Couples, & Kids

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Everyone who is currently working from home, suddenly unemployed at the moment or a stay-at-home Mom originally is probably going crazy with this change happening. So I decided to create a list of things you could be doing for yourself, with your significant other, or with your kids. #StaySane friends and family! Make this free time count!


- Organize your clothes/closet

- Make a personal bucket list

- Watch a positive movie

- Go for a run

- Have a home spa day

- Listen to an inspirational podcast

- Read a book

- Start a scrapbook

- Do a puzzle

- Meal prep for the week

- Retail therapy (Support your local businesses!)

- Paint your nails

- Create a new music playlist

- Make a new recipe off of Pinterest

- Do yoga

- Learn a Tik Tok dance

- Text/call an old friend

- Wake up early, drink a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise

- Daily devotionals/Prayer session

- Get ready for the day and take a selfie (be sure to post it!)

- Take a bubble bath (be sure to light a candle...)

- Paint a jean jacket or a pair of jeans

- Clean your shoes that you have been procrastinating on!

- Start that blog or business back up - you have plenty of time to be working on it now (no excuses...)

For Couples:

- Bake cookies

- Watch old home videos

- Workout together

- Plan for Summer

- Do face masks

- Whiten teeth

- Re-decorate a room in the house

- Pray + read verses from the Bible

- Clean + organize your bedroom together

- Take your dogs on a walk

- Plan a vacation for when things return to normal

- Challenge yourselves to a social media free night!

- Breakfast in bed (take turns for each other)

- Watch a romantic movie

- Cook dinner together, and be sure to film it!

- Bake together

- Take cute pictures

- Karaoke on YouTube

- Make Tik Tok videos

- Dance around the house

- Start a Podcast

- Watch the Sunrise/Sunset

- DIY Projects

- Declutter & Deep clean entire house

- Plan for your future

- Make a bucket of things you want to do together!

- Design your dream home

For the Kiddos:

- Make a fort with chairs & blankets and let them watch a movie of their choice while you make them popcorn

- Make homemade play dough/slime

- Bake cookies, cupcakes, or a cake together

- Movie marathon night - kids pick all movies out of a hat

- Paint/Color Create sensory bins for the younger ones

- Legos

- Create a small scavenger hunt

- Let them pick what is for dinner and they get to help make it. (To spice it up, have them set the table and pretend you are at a restaurant and they are your server.)

- Puzzles

- Let them do your hair & makeup (be sure to post a selfie to brighten everyone’s day!!) - --- Karaoke/Dance Party

- Video games for a certain amount of time

- FaceTime other family members, friends, classmates, or younger cousins! #StaySocial #DuringSocialDistancing #Quarentine

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