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Graphic Tees for Me at TCC Boutique

Throughout my experiences with western fashion — I have got to be a part of some amazing experiences such as photoshoots, collaborations, and brand reps. 

All of these activities speak to my soul. Working with other smaller businesses is an absolute blast and BRAND REPPING … duh, what part about getting new clothes for my growing closet at a discounted price while helping others achieve their goals doesn’t sound amazing!? 

Currently, I am a Brand Rep for a boutique called “The Crooked Creek Boutique”. (Here is a link to check out all the tops, jeans, and other fun accessories that they have to offer. )

For either of these shirts or any other item(s) you may come to find on the TCC Boutique website, be sure to use code Myrissa10 to save you some on your purchase.

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