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Here's To A Soldier

Today, I got the honor of helping send off my brother-in-law for deployment and it was an emotional experience for all.

I have always respected & honored the ones who have served for us, but never fully understood the whole process. But today, it opened my mind up to a whole new perspective. One that I thank you for. One that will make me think about life in a completely different way from here on out.

We owe a huge "Thank you!" to all who serve for our country because freedom is not free. It was earned, fought for, and we need to recognize more the ones who did & continue to do this for us.

For the families staying strong while they watch their husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, brother/sister, son/daughter, and so on go through this process - God Bless You, as you are just as strong. It's not easy, and it takes commitment.

I know that you will protect your brothers, and they will forever be protecting you.

We love and adore you, Alex, we will see you so soon!

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