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How to Build A Twin Size Bed Swing

Recently we just renovated our front porch/sunroom area. It was everything that I wanted and more. I cannot wait for Spring days, drinking coffee out there while it’s raining outside.

We have had several people ask how we got the dimensions and the planning figured out for our twin-size bed swing and so I am here to share with you our little secret.

To be honest and fair, I got the exact dimensions and supply sheet from a man off of Youtube called Making Makers (

Be sure to subscribe to him as he has many other amazing DIY projects on there!

He also made out a supply .pdf for you to easily access and print off. We printed this off and took it to Menard’s with us so we could easily get everything that we needed. A few things like the rope and the other extras were ordered off of Amazon. Link in my Instagram bio for those items underneath Shop My Likes ( @myrissagarber).

Here is the link to the .pdf to help make the process go smoother. (I know your husband will appreciate it too.)

If you have any questions on how the project went for us, don’t hesitate to reach out. I will gladly answer any comments and DM’s to the best of my ability.

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