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How to Make the Most Out of Setbacks

Let’s sit down and have some Real Talk. 

We are probably ALL going through a major setback right now, whether it be businesses struggling, unemployment, fewer hours at work, bills to pay with only one income, wedding plans changing, travel plans canceled, important dates moved in general, seniors missing their prom… or even as small as the fact that your acrylics are outgrown and your roots are showing. (yiiikkessss)

These are setbacks that nobody was prepared for and you’re not alone. 

But, I promise these moments we will look back at one day and laugh at. You’ll be telling your kids or your grandkids all about it and they will never understand the things that you were going through. 

Life can get crazy. Life IS CRAZY… But I know that with everything going on, that it has made communities come together, businesses to become flourished with so much support, healthcare workers are being supplied masks & so much support, truck drivers are being appreciated more, and we are all realizing that life gets hectic and often we take it for granted. We are realizing the importance of support & love, and we are becoming even closer to God every day. 

The other day in my devotional I read a passage and it put me into tears with how relatable it was and it spoke to me instantly — and I would love to share it here for more to read… 

Actively Wait On the Lord. He does know what He is doing. 

Psalms 27:13-14 

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. 

As Chelsea Crockett put it on page 83 in Above All Else, “This place of confusion and frustration might leave you feeling alone and far from the Lord. Trust me, I’ve been in this place time and time again. It’s hard to believe God is working on our behalf while we wait for days, months, or sometimes even years. One of the most comforting things to know about the Lord is that he is always present during the waiting.” 

I typically read my devotions as soon as I wake up, but the morning I read this one I didn’t read it until noonish. Before reading that devotional for the day, I had a sense of worry and a sick feeling in my gut. Once I read that, it went away & I felt relieved. The power of God truly spoke to me that morning and it was so powerful, it left me in tears and I just could not wait to tell someone about it...

The way to make the absolute most out of these setbacks or any setbacks for that matter is to:

1. Have a Positive Attitude About Things… Don’t be a Debby downer. 

2. Watch and Learn. We will get through this, but maybe we can learn a little something, like better hygiene from this.

3. Ask Questions & Stay connected with others. Everyone has so many thoughts & questions, ask around. Someone may know something that you don’t, stay educated. 

4. Take Good Care of Yourself. Your Mental health is so important during these times. 

5. Most importantly of all - Stay Calm. Going crazy isn’t going to help anything. 

I will finish this blog post off with a quote that has got me through some of the hardest setbacks in my life,

"Always Grow through what you Go through."

XoXo, Myrissa

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