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Making Big Steps!

The whole reason I started this blog was to talk about my life experiences and to keep friends & family updated with life events. But lately, it has become more than just that. 

I started getting many people asking where I got a certain shirt, that decor, or where I loved to visit in certain towns and so that inspired me to share more. I was classified as being an “influencer”. Cool huh!? 

Then last week, I applied to become a representative influencer for which is an app where you can shop certain looks of mine, home decor, and beauty products through a commissionable link of mine. 


  • The app is free.

  • It’s the same price that it would be if you were to buy it straight from their website.

  • I sometimes get discount codes for you to use.

  • I get to let you know if a store has a deal going on!

  • It helps me achieve my dreams/goals. 

  • You can see real-life pictures of the product before you even consider posting. 

  • When you follow me on the app it can notify you when I post. 

  • It is just another online shopping app like SHEIN & Amazon (it is partnered with both those brands.) 


  • Some stores are not partnered with them such as (sadly) Hobby Lobby. 

I will tag photos on Instagram with if I have something in the photo that is linked on there, otherwise, you can just download the app and shop straight from there to find products easily. I can see if you follow me & I want to thank each and every one of you for all your support - this is a huge step for me! 

Below is a "how-to tutorial" : 

You can shop other bloggers and influencers as well!



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