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New Countertops On A Budget

Guess what!? This past weekend, Nick and I remodeled our upstairs countertops for less than $100, and plan to finish the downstairs kitchen countertops the same way all by ourselves. 

With buying a house comes some needed updates and with those updates costs some money. Well, one thing about me is that I never like to pay for anything full price, and if I can do it myself — I would much rather do it on my own time. 

Maybe you’re the same way!? You want something that will last, isn’t going to cost you a bunch, but will also look fantastic in the end!? If that’s the case, keep on reading and I will tell you exactly how to accomplish this look on a budget: 

I wanted an all-white marble look, and I think we achieved just that. Here is a before and after photo to show y'all what we were working with. I have linked all my supplies in my as well. 

(Step One) Go get all your supplies. That consists of: 

(Step Two) Wipe down & sand the surface you will be working on for a clean & easy-to-paint area. 

(Step Three) Tape and put plastic wrap around anything that you DON’T want to get the marble effect spray on. You will also want to leave a little “slide” for the epoxy to drip down whenever you poor it because it gets messy and you don’t want that on your floors later. So we tucked them underneath and taped. 

(Step Four) Begin painting. For us, it took about three layers to get our desired amount of paint. For our upstairs countertop, we would have been fine with just getting a pint or quart of paint. We were working on around 10 square feet of surface. Be sure to let your layers dry in between for a nice and even look. 

(Step Five) After the layers of paint are dry - you are ready to begin the fun part. The Marble effect spray! It is similar to spraying silly string, so definitely spray it before beginning so you know what you’re working with ahead of time. Tip: Tilt the spray can pointing straight up and at a degree so it kind of “falls” onto the surface. We used the color Silver. Let it completely dry. 

(Step Six) This was the step we were the most nervous for. Epoxy time. The permanent stuff right!? But in all honesty, it was pretty simple & satisfying to watch. There are specific instructions on each box that I highly encourage you to abide by. I believe ours were measuring and making sure to stir for 6 solid minutes, mix the two products, and stir again for another 6 minutes and then pour. 

For this, when you’re pouring it - you want to pour it in a line across that way it can spread out on its own and you will then use your foam roller to glide and “push” the epoxy around letting it drip off the sides and getting it even on the backsplash. 

(Step Seven) While you’re smoothing the epoxy out, you will want to get a blow dryer (guys, ask your wives for this tool) and use that to get any air bubbles you might see out before it dries. You will also want to go around on the edges and scrape off the drips so you have a smooth finish. Check on that part often. 

Other than that, you are to wait for 72hrs before touching or setting anything on top of your newly finished counters. It’s as easy as that. If you have any questions on how to do a certain step, I would love to help you!

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