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New Year New Goals

It has been a while since I have published a post on here… But this one is very real and very important to me.

Quick question: Has anyone else been in this random funk lately? Not exactly being able to pinpoint what is wrong or what is making you feel so low, but it’s something?

Well, you’re not alone - because same.

I have been in such an off mood. Not just like a bad day here or there but just like something isn't right and I haven't been as energetic lately. Maybe it's Seasonal Depression... who knows!?

But the good thing for us, if you are someone who is also feeling this way, we have a NEW Year to look forward to. (And yes, we sadly still take these feelings with us into the New Year as we can't just drop them off before we head out - but we also have that chance of making new goals and resolutions to help us figure them out!)

So, (here I am exposing myself) but I am going to share with you just some of my own goals, and if you are feeling like you need to talk to someone about your goals and resolutions to hold you accountable, feel free to reach out to me after you are done reading.

Career Goals

  • For my Influencing & Blogging career, I want to grow and become consistent with my work.

  • Possibly create a Vlog, Youtube channel, or Podcast.

  • To find my brand and what I am good at (with the help of all of you).

  • For my Content Creation at the Boutique, I want to show up every day giving my 100% to them because they deserve it.

Health Goals

  • I would love to quit drinking pop entirely. (This will take time.)

  • Drink more water every day.

  • Start running in the mornings/evenings.

Personal Goals

  • Getting closer to God and reading a bible verse every day.

  • Journaling.

  • Caring less about what others think because that is slowing me down.

  • Stop judging others. (Yes, I am not perfect.)

  • Realizing that it is OK to not always be OKAY.

Those are just some of my New Year goals & resolutions to work on - and I hope you take the time to create some for yourself to look back on.

Happy New Year to all my friends, family, supporters, & even non-supporters! Everyone deserves to have a better year than the last.



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