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Not Sure What Career Path You Want in Life? That's Totally O.K.

If your story goes anything like mine, it started off thinking that you knew what you wanted to do for the rest of your life - you went to do it and it turns out that isn't at ALL what you want to do anymore.

and.... that's totally O K !

How are you supposed to know what you want to do for the rest of your life without actually going through all the steps.

Like for myself, I thought I wanted to be a Nurse up until I was a Sophomore in College. I went through all the tests to get into the program, all the immunizations, all the paperwork and PAYING for it just to find out that Nursing was not for me. Not because the blood, needles, sickness and whatever... but because it wasn't filling the space in my heart that made me truly happy. I wasn't loving it, I was always ready to be done for the day and it didn't fulfill my heart where I needed it most. I wanted something I was going to love doing - because well, you're going to be working your whole life basically (well most of it, not all of it) but I am a firm believer that in order to be the happiest you can be is being happy with where you are at and what you are doing. Career choice/path is a huge part.

Now I am NOT by any means saying that if you are a nursing student now, or going to major in nursing that you should stop. Just because it wasn't for me anymore, doesn't mean it's not for you. We NEED good nurses, but we also need fully committed nurses. I couldn't offer all of me to do just that.

To get a little more sappy, I'll dig into the raw details on the whole process of dropping out of Nursing School. My graduation party, everyone came and gave me cards and money and told me how amazing of a nurse I would be and just really encouraged me - I have always had a great support system. But the hardest part after deciding it wasn't for me anymore was what everyone else was going to say. People would constantly come up to me and ask me how school was going, how I was liking nursing, blah blah blah. It was hard for me to say - well ya see I am currently not doing that anymore. Instead I would just look at them and say, "it's going!" and smile... So. HARD. I didn't want to disappoint anyone, let anyone down, or get the talk on how I should have finished.

I was only a single month away from achieving my LPN Degree, but I just couldn't do it any longer or invest anymore time into it no matter how hard I tried. I missed out on so many things, adventures, friend & family time (just to study) and most of my Summer. I understood going in that it was going to be a huge commitment but I was NOT READY.

Then, this is when I knew I made the right choice. One day, I was deciding if I was officially going to drop the program. I have my A.A.S. degree so it's not like I went to college and never got a degree - because I did. Looks great on resumes and job entries so I highly suggest going (for the college experience as well). But one day, I was in the car with my boyfriend, brother, and his fiancé. My boyfriend (Nick) was looking on because he just recently had graduated college with his Ag Business Degree and we were ready to get our life started together. He was scrolling through and saw the job title "Fashion Buyer". He looks at me and goes "Oh Myrissa, you would be GOOD at this job!" I smiled and laughed and said "ya, you're right!" LOVE me some shopping (and just clothes in general.)

Kind of as a joke, I fixed up my resume, applied and just was going to see what happens next.

Well, the next day I get an email asking to come in for an interview (crap was getting real). Currently at the time I was working at a daycare (and as much as I loved working there, I just needed more for myself). I didn't tell work or really anyone about this interview because it was just a last minute "aye, let's see what happens" type of situation.

Well, I arrived. I conquered, and I LOVED IT. The interview went phenomenal and I got offered the position for a Content Creator for this amazing boutique that I am currently working at.

To this day, I couldn't believe how that just all fell into my lap and I had to give all credit to God. I prayed for answers, for help, for happiness and he got it done for me. Today in my devotional book "Above All Else" by Chelsea Crockett she explains how we need to challenge the Lord to change and shape us into the person you were created to be. I will forever live by that.

I can't wait to talk with y'all more about my job and my responsibilities in one of my next posts! Thanks for reading my crazy story of finding my true passion in life.

XO, Myrissa ♥

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