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Sisters Are Best Friends

When your Mom tells you that your Sister will be your best friend when you get older - believe her because it is true. (Never in a MILLION years did I think I would be saying this.)

Here are a few reasons WHY Sisters are so amazing!

1. She is always there for you no matter what.

Even if it was just yesterday that she was cursing at you saying how stupid you are, if you were hurt or upset - she would be the first person there for you.

2. She knows you best.

She knows all your secrets, your coping mechanisms, your style, and every little embarrassing story about you. She has seen you ugly cry, heartbroken, the happiest you have ever been, and has seen you get in trouble by your parents (and was probably laughing at you the whole time.)

3. She knows what you have been through.

She knows how strong you are because she has seen the struggles and challenges that you have been through that maybe even your closest friends don’t know about.

4. She is your role model, the one you have always looked up to.

My sister was my biggest role model growing up. The way she dressed, did her hair & makeup, and even her personality. For all you older sisters, realize that you have your own personal #1 Fan 24/7. They aspire to be like you one day.

5. She’s there when you need support.

Sisters are incredible support systems. You want to party? Call your sister. You want a girls day shopping & getting nails done? Call your sister. You want to cry your eyes out, eat ice cream, and lay in bed all day but not alone!? Call your sister.

6. She is always there to listen.

When you just had a rough day and need someone to rant to even though they DO NOT understand a word you’re saying or talking about but just need to let steam out, sisters are the perfect person to call. They listen, don’t talk, probably don’t understand - but they know you’ll feel better afterward and that is all that matters.

7. Her advice is always exactly what you needed to hear.

Facts. If you ever have a tough decision to make or a predicament - call up your sister. She will give you honesty and truth.

8. Her Clothes.

If you are the younger sister (like me) you actually appreciate the hand-me-downs growing up. Talk about a GOOD day. But, I have learned as they get older... They start to take yours.

9. She makes you stronger.

With all the honesty and tough love that comes with a sister, it really builds you up. Makes you stronger in the end.

10. She is one of the first people you go to with your news!

And you know she will be just as excited as you are because she wants the best for you and she is so so proud of you for everything you have and will accomplish.

The list could go on and on… But it took me a while to realize that Sisters are the biggest blessing a girl could have. Sisters are best friends.

Share if your Sister is your best friend too!

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