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Tennessee - You Won My Heart

As a little girl watching the Hannah Montana movie (who am I kidding - I still do watch it) I always dreamt of visiting her hometown in Crowley Corners, TN. The open fields, the horses, the cowboys… EVERYTHING WAS A DREAM. So, I believe that is where my obsession with Tennessee began.

At 17 years old, my parents had got a divorce and my Dad ended up moving to Tennessee. From my hometown in Iowa to where he lived, it was about a 10-hour drive. At first, I dreaded the drive but now I look forward to it and being able to drive through bigger cities like St. Louis and downtown Nashville as it is so mesmerizing (especially at night).

The first time I had ever went there to visit my Dad - I fell in love. Instantly. It was JUST like the movies and the pictures and what everyone would tell you. There is the countryside & the city side and it’s just the perfect amount of both.

I think the part that shook me about Tennessee was how they had HAY BALES in their front yards. Their lawns were hayfields. Like... Wow! It was so cool to see, truthfully.

Often I get questions like “what is your favorite thing to do when you’re there visiting your Dad?!” I will include all of that in a list down below so that you guys can get the best experience while you are there - but trust me you will need about 10 years to get to all the amazing parts of Tennessee to fully experience how truly amazing of a place it is.

Here is a list of all my favorite things that I have done so far in Tennessee, with only more to go on this list for the future…

Grand Ole Opry - Absolute must to go and see. Make sure you do the full tour as you will get the best bang for your buck! (Tickets are also very inexpensive to purchase if you want to go to a show!)

(#KelseaBallerini is my idol)

Ryman - This is the first Opry house, so it has a ton of meaning to it. Very cool if you love historical things!

Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg - This was such a fun place to go and tour (even though I am not 21 years old so I couldn’t do the taste testing). But if you are 21 - absolutely do the 21 tour so you can get the full experience. So many amazing facts thrown around throughout.

Downtown Nashville/Broadway - Where all the magic happens. The new singers, the old singers, upcoming bands, and maybe even you will be lucky enough to see Jason Aldean or Luke Bryan at their own bars performing. Downtown is for all you live country music fans, bar hopping fans, and dancing fans! (My boyfriend and I L O V E to swing dance!!!)

My favorite bars downtown :


Wildhorse Saloon

Coyote Ugly (have yet to experience this one, but putting it on the list so y’all are aware it is downtown.)


Jason Aldean

Honky Tonk Central

WannaB’s Karaoke Bar

... and of course - I had to make a stop at the Candy Store on broadway!

If you are planning a birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party or just a larger group - I recommend getting one of the pedal biking bars! They always look so fun to be on!

Cummins Falls State Park - This is the beautiful waterfall that you guys have probably seen many of my pictures of before. It is a 3.2 mile hike down to the amazing view of water. This is definitely a hike - so BRING YOUR WATER SHOES AND WATER BOTTLES.

Bridgestone Arena - If you are a hockey fan (more specifically a Predators fan), you will love the Bridgestone Arena right there in downtown Nashville! It is a close walk to the bars! (Other events are hosted at Bridgestone as well.)

The Famous Wing Wall (WhatLiftsYouWings) and other Murals around - There are always murals close by to take your picture in front of. If you love content (like me) you need to make sure you can find as many as possible! The power of art is amazing! The wing wall is kind of hard to find, but it is located at 302 11th Ave S in Nashville!

Other than all the amazing things I listed to go do and see, just really enjoy the amazing scenery that Tennessee has to offer. I need to make my way towards the mountains and other places to get more experience of the countryside in Tennessee.

Just recently, everyone has heard how hard East Nashville got hit by a horrific tornado… It BROKE me because my heart truly does belong in Nashville. But, I am keeping my faith strong and know that they will only be bigger and better by the end of this with all the support from everyone that is a part of the #MusicCity! Nothing is greater than seeing a huge town get together and support each other through such tough times & it shows that there is still good in this world. There are many places you can donate money & supplies, or even buy a t-shirt to help raise some money for people who have lost their belongings and need help getting started again.

Link to help #EastNashville by purchasing a T-Shirt:

If anyone has any questions on what foods/other places outside of Nashville to go to, send me a message/email and I will give you my best opinion on everything to do! #Nash #Nashville #MusicCity

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