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We’re All In This Together

Currently, I am sitting at home on a 14-day self-quarantine. It’s only Day #3.

I had went on Spring Break to South Padre Island, Texas not knowing how bad this was going to be. We left on Friday, March 13th, with the knowledge that we should be sure to “wash our hands for at least 20 seconds” and “avoid touching our faces.” But, everyday news was changing, the situation was growing, and precautions were put into bigger terms. Once we got told the news of much bigger precautions going in place ASAP - such as non-essential businesses shutting down and restaurants closing - we immediately decided as a group to end the trip early, get back home, and quarantine ourselves in our homes.

We as a group on social media have received some comments from random accounts saying outrageous things, calling us terrible names, and blaming the millennial generation for this worldwide issue.

We understood what we needed to do once we were told the current news, and we started our journey back home.

All in all, our time there was great. Despite breaking my phone the very first night we were there, the cancellation of all events, and the constant worry of the pandemic - we are thankful to have made it there and back safely during that 20-hour drive.

It was peaceful & refreshing to be away from constantly checking social media 24/7 (but still staying updated by friends/family back home on any new news). We went to the beach, swam in the ocean, tried some different restaurants, and a majority of the time was spent in our condo with our group of 8 people (so we passed the capacity level part - hehe…)

Mainly, I wanted to write this for people to understand that we were not being “selfish” in our actions - although it may have seemed so. We didn’t have the mindset that “we are immune to anything and nothing will get us.” We simply went on the trip that we had planned since December thinking that we had other precautions to follow to stop the spread of this virus.

This whole #COVID-19 pandemic has my anxiety at an all-time high, as I am sure it has many of us, but we have to give this to God. Don’t stop praying to him for his help. Ask him for all forgiveness and pray that we can make it through this together. It may only get worse before it gets any better, but we are all in this together.

There are many things that we can be doing to help during this tough time, some but not all include:

- Instead of cancelling upcoming trips, consider postponing them for a future date to save money and help the tourism economy grow again.

- Quarantine yourself in your house. Even if you have or haven’t traveled recently.

- Wash your hands for 20 + seconds every chance you get. (After opening mail, doors, going out to get groceries, handling money… anything can be infected)

- Pretend everyone/everything around you is sick. That will help you be more careful and precautious.

- Sneeze/Cough in your elbow.

- Help make PPE like masks for healthcare providers. (Email/DM me for advice on where to donate and how to make masks. Healthcare facilities are running low.)

- PRAY… He IS listening & watching and he WILL help us if we ask.

- Don’t panic. (Overbuying/stocking isn’t helping you.)

Stay positive. We will get through this together. #Power #Togetherness #SocialDistancing

Posting below some pictures to #SpreadSomePositivity from this trip!

#SouthPadreIsland is truly beautiful, and when all of this settles down and life goes back to normal - highly recommend traveling there.

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