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Weekend Getaway = Storytime!

One thing Nick & I love to do together is travel, and we travel quite often for that matter. But, let me tell you — there is NEVER a dull moment or a time where something funny (or bad) doesn’t happen. (This could be car problems, funny stories, a-ha moments, getting lost… you get what I am saying.) 

So, Thursday we began our weekend trip to Tennessee to help celebrate graduations & birthday parties for some of my family members. We were on our way making decent timing, but of course, something always has to mess that up. This time, I’ll blame it on me. 

For anyone who has traveled with me, they know that I 1) have to stop often to use the restroom because I swear I have the world’s smallest bladder and 2) always need food or a snack. No ifs, and's or buts to it. 

Well, with COVID-19 practically ruining everything, stores are closing early or lobby’s aren’t even open yet for dining in which means NO RESTROOMS ARE AVAILABLE. *** tragic ***

We were just right outside of St. Louis, so you would think something was open right!? Well, we drove around this little area for well over 15 minutes. Stopped at one open gas station and of course, the bathroom was “out of order”. 

It was getting so bad, that I couldn’t hold it any longer, and to make matters even worse we kept driving by the same police offers multiple times and we probably looked very suspicious. 

Anyways, being the very “lady-like” person that I am (wink-wink) I told Nick to just pull into a hotel parking lot and I’ll just go in the grass. (Now that I am typing this, it makes me sound as if I am a dog….) So, he does as I wish because we were out of options at this point while wasting precious time and gas. 

After I was done, we left the parking lot and Nick looks at me says, “Watch these cops pull us over because we look overly suspicious.” I said, “Why?! We aren’t even doing anything wrong!” … But, he was right. They whip out right behind us and turn on their lights. Nick was getting very nervous and I was just laughing because I had an empty bladder and I know for a fact we hadn’t done anything wrong. They were probably just curious. 

The cop gets out of his vehicle, we hear the K-9 unit going crazy in the backseat of the cop car, and we roll down the windows. The very first thing the cop had said was, “So, you’re from Iowa - huh!?” We both proudly say “YUP!” He then kind of smiles and says, “Your lights are off.” And let me remind you, it was dark out. The sun had set. We all started laughing and then I proceeded to tell him about my restroom searching experience. He was overly sweet & asked us where we were going and wished us well on our way… 

And that is my hilarious “had to have been there” story for this Tennessee road-trip! We are still giggling about it.

Other than that silly setback, we had an absolute blast celebrating both my little niece’s 1st & 3rd birthday parties as well as my step brother’s graduation! Meeting more family, getting quality time with my Dad, and seeing the beautiful scenery of Tennessee will truly never get old. 

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