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What A Trip

This past weekend, we planned a short trip to Minnesota with some friends to take on the #MallOfAmerica in Bloomington. We left as soon as we all got off work Friday evening, excited and ready for a small getaway not knowing that MN would be on strict orders effective at Midnight on Friday.

We didn’t even realize that the governor of MN implied these orders until we went searching for breakfast that Saturday morning. We planned to eat at IHOP and saw they were doing only curbside pick-up, and we traveled to two other restaurants when someone had finally made it clear to us that nowhere would be open for sit down. So, we settled with Drive-Thru McDonald’s breakfast.

Luckily, retail stores were allowed to remain open with the Mall being at 50% capacity. We thankfully were one of the first people there that morning as they had opened up at 10 AM and we had left thinking we would be going out to eat for breakfast.

The Mall Of America was DEAD. There was barely anyone in there, the food court was open but the sitting area was closed, so people were eating on the ground or wherever they could find a place out of everyone’s way, and masks were to be worn at all times.

We still made the absolute most out of it, and still managed to spend too much money. I mean, when there is a huge candy store - how do you expect me NOT to spend most of my time in there!?

We still had a whole evening unplanned, and we were ready to leave the Mall. We were all very clueless on what to do now that everything was closed. We had originally planned to do an Escape Room, but those were closed as well. We wanted to go to a bar or a brewery, but everything was shut down. So, we decided to make a short 30-minute drive to Hudson, WI to enjoy the rest of our night.

We called ahead to a place called Hop & Barrel Brewery to ensure that before we left MN that we would be able to sit down and enjoy a couple of Craft Beers. They reassured us that they were open, and we were to wear masks while we were there but told us to come on over. So, we did just that.

It was an amazing experience. The staff was extremely friendly, they had some amazing brews, and even an outdoor patio with a fireplace to sit and relax by.

We then went down to the Hudson Tap. This is more of a family-friendly Bar and Grill. We met up with another friend and enjoyed most of our night here. (PS. If you ever go here, I recommend their Sample Platter.)

Finally, to end the night we went to a Live Music and Entertainment bar called Ziggy’s. They had a live band called Skitzofonik that sang songs like Tik Tok by Kesha, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, and many more!

This small town was an absolute dream. It reminded me of something that could be in a Hallmark Movie. They had Christmas lights, small little shops and stores, and of course the cute “Hometown Bar” vibes. Highly recommend taking that 30-minute drive from Minnesota to Hudson, WI if you are ever visiting Bloomington, MN.

We were very happy that we decided to be spontaneous and go there. It was a much needed night out, while also staying safe. Sunday, we departed for home back to Iowa. We of course had to stop at Cabela's on our way out.

One thing I would say as a take-away from this post is to live with no excuses and travel with no regrets.

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