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What DO Happy Couples Know!?

Last week, I had shared the story of how Nick and I met — so this week I decided that I wanted to continue on the discussion of “relationships” and share a little inspiration or information on happy & successful couples. 

Something that Nick introduced to me is a 4 Part series by Andy Stanley called, “What Happy Couples Know.” It is a series on youtube of a Pastor explaining his knowledge and success with relationships. Highly suggest listening to him speak about relationships and what it takes to become that relationship you may long for. (I will link them down below)

These videos are perfect for any relationship — young & old, dating or married, single/talking couples to listen to because they open up your mind and perspective to get that “happy couple” relationship mindset. It brings up points and thoughts that you don’t often think about. 

For instance, one of my favorite things that I got from one of Andy’s videos is about expectation. How we should never EXPECT anything of our partner, yet have gratitude for when they DO things for us. You do not owe your partner anything, but you owe each other everything. Make sense? He/She doesn’t owe you anything but you owe each other everything. 

What makes listening to him even better is that we listen to it together. Often, Andy will bring up a certain point, and Nick & I just look at each other and smile because we have been through it or felt what he was talking about...

Sometimes it’s hard to communicate with your partner but the key to success is communication. If you are in a happy relationship, these videos are perfect for you. If you are in a rough spot in your relationship, these videos are perfect for you. If you are in a relationship of any sort, THESE VIDEOS ARE PERFECT FOR YOU. 

Here is a link to the four videos Andy has posted on "What Happy Couples Know" & I encourage you all to watch and listen.

Part One: "Nothing"

Part Two: "It's Mutual"

Part Three: "Sometimes You Have to Throw Things"

Part Four: "It's A Choice"

Love is hard at times. Love requires work. Love requires patience. 

But it is so worth it...

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