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Where It All Began...

Finding your soulmate comes at such a random & unexpected time…. At least that is how it was for me. Here is a short version of our story on how we met… 

It was at the Iowa State Fair 2017, that my friend and I decided that we were going to be Ushers for the Grandstands at the Iowa State Fair. It was an FFA operated event, and that was right up our alley. Well, we both ended up getting accepted and at the time we were so excited to do this 2 weeks behind the scenes at the State Fair. 

The morning that it happened, my friend who was going with me got super sick and she wasn’t able to attend that opening day. I then, of course, didn’t want to go anymore either because I didn’t know many people going at the time and I got nervous (weird, social Myrissa got nervous). But, my Mom basically “forced” me to go because she told me it would be a great experience for me. So, I took her advice and she drove me up there that day to the fairgrounds. 

We then had a meeting later that day where we all kind of “met” each other for the first time. 

Jenny, who is my go-to girl now, was the leader of the whole organization and just so happens to be Nick’s FFA Advisor as well. During the meeting, I remember her saying very clearly that “No relationships ever come out of this successfully, so don’t even try it.” And the whole time she kept looking at the three boys in the front row. Those boys were Jed, Joe, and of course Nick… 

I remember seeing Nick standing on his phone with a cowboy hat on and of course, that caught my attention RIGHT AWAY. I was like, “That boy better be in my group! 😍” & when we all got our assigned groups, that boy was IN MY GROUP!!!

My group leader was a friend that I had known from school and I begged him to put me in the line right next to this cowboy. My group leader laughed and told me I wasn’t strong enough to handle it up there, and I shot back with “Give me one chance and if I am bad, you can switch me around.” So, he let me stand right next to Nick because he knew I wasn’t going to give it up… 

So, Nick & I got to spend a lot of time talking since we were there an hour or more before the concert, during the concert, after the concert, and ya know we had breakfast, lunch, and dinner together every day. I would mark the peoples' tickets and he would put their wrist bands on, and we made a pretty smooth team. We didn’t leave each other's sides the whole time and we learned a lot about each other. (He was such a flirt.) 

The craziest thing is that I texted my mom and I told her that there was this SUPER cute cowboy here — and I had the nerve to tell her I was going to marry him after only knowing him for 2 days at this point. She sent me back “LOL — just go have fun!” 

Our first “date” together was to a hot dog eating contest with my best friend by my side because I was “nervous” like WHAT!? We were twitter patted. 

He started talking to me about rodeo and asking where I lived — and this man found a rodeo 20 minutes away from my house and entered in it so he could have an excuse to come see me after the fair. Smooth man, I tell ya what.

I told him he was more than welcome to stay at my place that weekend since it was a 2-hour drive for him and I would like to see him some more, but I then remembered I had my senior pictures. He told me, “That’s fine, I’ll go with!” So that morning we went to Pella for my senior pictures, and then to his rodeo in Oskaloosa that night.

First time watching him ride!

At this point, I’m thinking in my head, “I’ve only known this man for 2 weeks, he’s clingy.” But that wasn’t the case at all — I would now like to call it dedicated and determined. 

Fast forward to almost three years later I am the happiest I have ever been. He was truly my saving grace, he’s my soulmate, all my friends and family adore him, and he brings smiles to so many people. I left out some details of other things that happened during our meeting like the amazing people and friends I have gained in my life from the fair but that is a story for another time. 

So God, thank you. Thank you for making me go to the State Fair that year. Thank you for putting this blessing into my life. We’ve been to so many places together, so many new adventures and we’ve grown so much together. I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else by my side. 

And Jenny, we’re sorry. ;) 

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