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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

It has been quite some time since I have come on here and wrote my feelings for all of you. But just recently I talked with an amazing friend. A friend who doesn’t know that I look up to her as a “Mentor”.

This Mentor helps me with learning more about God and all the glorious things he has done for us, and more importantly, WHY he does the things he does for us. 

She had sent me an amazing podcast to listen to and I advise all of you to immediately go and listen to it after you are done reading this. 

Podcast: Greater Than: Day 2 (Crazy Love Podcast)

The message is basically “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?” — a question that gets asked a lot. 

He explains it in a way that I would have never even looked at in this way before. 

For instance, you are making a cake. You use ingredients such as flour, eggs, sugar, etc. Say you try each ingredient (separately)… crack open that egg and eat it raw or try a spoon full of flour - YUCK. But, as soon as you mix all those things and bake it - it comes out amazing and that is exactly what God is doing to us. 

God throws so-called “ingredients” into our lives so we can get OUR end result. Who we were made out to be. That is what makes US who we are. 


It is through difficult times that we grow closer to God and closer with our Faith in him. Through those difficult times, we should use that challenge to redeem ourselves. To make ourselves better - this is where our choice of obeying or rebelling comes in. 

The people who make it through and persevere themselves and lets those trials strengthen them, come out to be the people who endure the trial. 

These trials or “bad” times can end up being good things and exactly what you may have needed at the time. 

So, if you are someone who is currently going through a break-up, a divorce, a loss of someone close to you, a friendship breakup, your parents splitting, the death of a parent, an injury, accident, or so on…. You can overcome it. You NEED to overcome it. 

Simply, because it was God’s plan - and only he knows your end result. He is throwing together all of these “ingredients” into your life to make his best you. The strong you, the you that will appreciate all of it down the road. 

So stay strong & make the most of every day, because you simply aren’t guaranteed a tomorrow. You will get through these so-called "bad" times. 

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