Traveling During COVID-19

The last place that I traveled was to Tennessee over Halloweekend! For those who may be new readers, I go there often as my Dad lives in Christiana. It is also my favorite place to visit! 


I just wanted to talk about the trip and what was different from past visits! I know a lot of people are still not traveling - and I respect that. 


We ended up flying out of Des Moines Airport late at night on Thursday. Nick got stopped going through TSA because of his PICC line in his arm and all his liquid antibiotics. Thank goodness it was a late flight and TSA wasn’t busy or else we definitely would have missed our flight. 


We stopped and got a drink at the airport (first time I got to drink at an airport since turning 21) and I think I’ll skip out next time as ONE drink costs dang near $10! But - we did it for the content. 


We flew with Allegiant. I heard with some flight lines, they don’t offer drinks or snacks at the time, but Allegiant had their full menu to offer still - so that was nice. Nothing much had changed with the airport except for the fact you were required to wear your mask the entire time. 


We finally made it to Tennessee after an hour and a half flight. Once we got there, Dad & his wife Stacie were there to pick us up. ** Highly recommend night flights since everything is less busy and stressful **


The next day, we decided to take on Nashville. This was what really had changed since COVID-19. While downtown was still busy, it was not near as busy as what it used to be. All bars required masks, you had to wait in lines to go in as tables had to be spread apart, and every bar was required to make you buy food. As some of you may know, most bars there don’t offer food - so they come by and bring you two little boats of 3 French fries, 3 tater tots, and 2 pretzels. We laughed and thought it was cute that they outsmarted the system like that… until we saw the receipt and they charged us $11 for cold “appetizers” that couldn’t even fill a toddler up! 


I guess it’s the price we get for wanting to go downtown! 


While on Broadway, you are to wear a mask at all times. There is enforcement that requires you to have a mask on - and if you refuse you get a $30 ticket. They are on every corner handing them out. 


While times are different there right now, it was still a blast. A time to remember. 


Other than downtown, TN has pretty much all the same mandations as Iowa. We traveled safely & had a blast! It's important to wash your hands, wear your mask, and respect other people's bubbles! 

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